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How to Automate Regulatory Compliance even if you are a technically challenged Compliance Officer

The changing landscape of the financial services industry and the continuous challenges faced by it put the spotlight on compliance standards across the entire industry. The far-reaching consequences of non-compliance always push these firms to keep their guard up. With the increase in complexity and volume of government regulations and industrial standards, the role of a Compliance Officer also increases in tandem. Regulation requires compliance to use advanced tools in order to improve their monitoring oversight and mitigate risk. In order to become a successful agent of change, a compliance officer is required to have great technical skills coupled with cultural dexterity. Due to the multi-dimensionality of the compliance challenges faced by financial services industry, the role of the Compliance Officer is subject to ongoing changes. In such a scenario, what happens if you are a technically challenged Compliance Officer? Is it possible to automate regulatory compliance if you are a technically challenged compliance officer?

How does automation work?

As the Compliance Officer of an organization, you need to understand the way automation of regulatory compliance work. While on the surface, it may appear technical and difficult to understand, the reality is far from this. Automation makes your work easier, and not difficult in any manner. It merely automates the processes that were previously being done manually with the help of a compliance software. The software runs the processes from start to end, thereby reducing your burden and freeing you for more important roles such as advising senior executives, making the stakeholders aware of the ethical culture of your organization etc.

Why is it important for Compliance Officers?

Compliance officers play an extremely significant role in any organization. Automation of compliance in an organization makes the role of compliance officers even more important to a business as it helps in fostering a strong culture of compliance. A good regulatory compliance software such as CAMP not only offloads a great deal of tasks leaving more time to dedicate to larger goals of the company. Since handling compliance manually also makes an organization prone to risk, it is probably in the best interest of the organization and Compliance Officer to automate regulatory compliance using an effective compliance software.

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