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eSurveil API: Compliance Made Easy

About API

eSurveil API is a Name and List Screening portal where we offer you a user-friendly interface to seamlessly manage and mitigate AML & Sanctions risks.

Conventionally, name screenings and list screenings are done on a third-party platform and the results recorded are kept in physical forms. However, thanks to growing technology, people can now connect via API to periodically scan their systems but because of that, results are provided with less flexibility.


We at 3Mindz have developed an API that allows businesses to easily connect in a flexible manner to scan and track a person or entity for negative news and Sanctions against them. The innovative AI tool uses NLP (Natural Language Processing) to categorize the results based on specified and predetermined sentiments, keywords and concepts. The eSurveil API platform applies human and artificial intelligence to further reduce false positives and give you a clear picture.


The built-in framework allows users to personalize eSurveil for enhanced and optimized results. The users can:

  •  search for adverse news published from a definite period of their choice, instead of having to search and browse the internet for an undefined period of time
  •  integrate the adverse news & Sanctions check that seamlessly looks into the onboarding workflow through the highly effective surveillance feature, thus identifying and mitigating risks more efficiently
  •  reduce false positives through multiple search criteria including nationality, date of birth, legal domicile and risk domicile
  •  search for adverse information in multiple languages and translate the articles to a language of their choice.


eSurveil API will eliminate the implementation cost of technology, unlike the legacy systems which have additional costs. Organizations can start using the system soon after subscription, eliminating the system implementation period. We also have developed a web portal to perform the same activities and achieve similar results so that you have the freedom and convenience to access the portal through multiple platforms. Our web portal includes a bulk-scanning feature with similar flexibility provided in the API.

Contact us to try the state-of-the-art technology platform, built to make your compliance work easier than before.

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