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Compliance Activity Monitoring Portal


CAMP is a compliance portal that is aimed to ease the manual process through increased automation.

  • The workflow that engages staff and compliance effectively
  • Enables staff and compliance team to share the responsibilities equally for continuous Customer Due Diligence (CDD) & transaction monitoring
  • CAMP fulfils the screening requirements (Negative press, sanctions and internal blacklist) of both simplified and enhanced due diligence at onboarding and for ongoing monitoring as required by the regulators
  • CAMP engine is powered with artificial intelligence (AI) for voice and text analytics feature using Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Our module provides a path to communicate effectively with the compliance team in a systemic manner. The hierarchy-based access allows Team Leader, Managers to monitor their staff (except for SAR). This module comprises of several workflows, to enable staff in participating towards monitoring and flagging false positive we have integrated the alert’s into a workflow.

  • Advise & Approvals
  • Personal Account Dealing
  • GIFT declaration
  • Internal Suspicious Activity Report (SAR)
  • Client name screening (Bad press, Sanctions & Internal Blacklist)
  • Transaction Surveillance
  • Market Manipulation by clients and more

Our module assists financial institutions in complying with the anti-manipulation regulation focusing on maintaining the integrity of the market price of securities. We have created a wide range of scenarios that are used to alert and identify manipulative conduct.

Manually monitoring of the client and employee activities is a tedious process. Financial institutions usually check a sample of transactions or phone calls periodically which is insufficient, error-prone and does not fully comply with the regulatory requirements. A rigorous check should be performed to avoid criminal activities and risk to the organisation’s reputation, for which a fully automated platform is necessary. CAMP provides regular monitoring, pattern recognition of such illegal activities and generate alerts.

  • Compliance Monitoring and Approval of
    • Bad press, Sanctions & Blacklist alert
    • Transaction Surveillance
    • Market Manipulation
  • Electronic Surveillance (recognises different languages)
  • Internal SAR monitoring and corrective action
  • Personal Account Dealing, Gift & Entertainment approval & monitoring
  • Compliance record-keeping and more

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