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CAMP: The One-Stop Solution to Your Compliance Challenges

It is absolutely essential to find the right compliance management platform that offers you solutions and features that are best suited to cater to the needs of your organisation. The Compliance Activity Management Portal, or CAMP for short, launched by 3Mindz Tech Limited aims at assisting its clients in managing and mitigating their regulatory and reputation risks. The objective of CAMP is to support the clients by monitoring and auditing their practices for effective compliance.

One-Stop Solution to Your Compliance Challenges

The basic idea is to specialise, improvise and automate the processes to increase operational productivity, accuracy and cost-effectiveness of the enterprise while also preparing them for future requirements.

With an enhanced due diligence system and a risk-based compliance monitoring plan, CAMP monitors employee conduct and their adherence to compliance regulations. It also offers a comprehensive range of screening solutions like client KYC and Due Diligence requirements that essentially act as a defence against adverse media and public information.

CAMP aims at the improvisation of operational efficiency, enabling informed and timely decisions for an effective management.

CAMP is built to facilitate effective and systematic communication so that the workflow can be integrated and distributed work as need. The hierarchical access ensures that the managers and team leaders can assign and monitor the staff. The responsibilities can be shared for both transaction monitoring and for the purpose of continuous Customer Due Diligence (CDD).

The portal boasts of a user-friendly system that is easy to navigate, manual labour and error-free, and has an increased accuracy of information owing to its multiple layers of compliance monitoring. CAMP allows for the approvals of sanctions against bad press, prevents market manipulations, offers blacklist alerts, and can also monitor trade-based money laundering.

CAMP uses artificial intelligence for voice and text analytics using Natural Language Processing (NLP) and recognizes several different languages for electronic surveillance. By intuitively recognizing patterns of illegal activities, the software generates Suspicious Activity Reports (SAR) and alerts. It also offers reports and alternative corrective actions for the same.

Compliance Activity Management Portal (CAMP) is thus the perfect module for your enterprise risk and compliance record-keeping and management. For a more comprehensive understanding of CAMP and its applications, contact us.

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