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Author: Richa Sharma

risk-based compliance monitoring plan

5 Questions answered about risk-based compliance monitoring plan

Amidst the growing threats and a subsequent increase in the government regulations and standards, risk-based compliance monitoring plan has remained a top focus for financial institutions despite the size of the organizations. Financial institutions are extremely prone to threats causing serious repercussions on their reputation

compliance management program

4 Shocking Mistakes Killing your compliance management program

With the rise in technology and ever-changing regulations, the compliance challenges have also increased in 2020. It is more important than ever for organizations to guard themselves against potential risks in order to safeguard smooth functioning of their organization. Many organizations take help of technology

regulatory compliance software

4 elements of the perfect regulatory compliance software

Compliance is an extremely important term in business today but what does it actually mean? Compliance broadly means that a business is working well within the regulations set by the government and industry standards it operates in. It reflects that a business is working in

Compliance Risks

3 ways to avoid Compliance Risks

Most businesses must adhere to some specific industry-specific standards and government regulations in order to avoid being subjected to heavy penalties and strict fines. Due to the heavy cost associated with non-compliance, most firms are obliged to do everything possible in order to meet these

3 best Auditing Practices for Effective Compliance Automation

Ongoing auditing is an important step to review the existing monitoring process of any organization. It helps businesses to verify that the current monitoring process is effective in achieving the desired outcome in the high-risk compliance automation areas. It not only verifies that the managers

governance risk and compliance

Here’s what you didn’t know about governance risk and compliance

Governance risk and compliance is the integration of capabilities which makes an organization capable of achieving objectives reliably, addressing uncertainties and act with integrity. This includes the work done by various departments such as compliance, internal audit, compliance, legal, finance, risk, HR, IT etc. What

Compliance Monitoring

5 Reasons why Compliance Monitoring is important

As regulatory compliance obligations continue to increase, achieving a lucid approach on your performance around good compliance and governance is more important than ever. In order to meet their compliance needs in an environment growing risks, organizations are putting in place stringent compliance monitoring processes.

Compliance Challenges

Top 5 Compliance Challenges in 2020 and Beyond

The financial world faces more and more regulations with every passing day. This adds a lot of stress and burden on organizations to keep up with the pace of changes and comply with evolving regulations. we are facing compliance challenges organizations in 2020. Compliance Challenges